Since I have been modding mustangs for over 10 years and have been supercharging for the same I'd add my 10 cents on this thread. I have been a loyal MM customer for longer than most every one here and have tried KB, MM, & Global West components on the 6 previous mustangs I had over the last 10 years. When I was approached sometime ago by someone who described these "Hans subframes" as a kick *** unit I was like....yeah...right. Then when I saw them and how they were constructed I was impressed. Then I showed them to a friend of mine that does race car chassis's and he was impressed. Not easy to do for this guy. I had MM's full lengths on my car at this time. Since my car has gone through so many frkn mods over the last 3 years it spent much time in the air. The MM's were getting a little tweaked although hardly noticeable. I cut those subs off and put on Hans. There was a noticeable difference right away. I think it was only because of the previous jacking abuse the MM's had to endure. Since then my car has been on the jacks longer with Hans' subs than the MM's ever were and there is no sign of fatigue at least to the naked eye. Where as the MM's did show stress. Most of this is directly attributed to the design and ease of jacking rails. For anyone who actually works on their own cars these puppies are the ticket and a must. These are the best subs ever made for a mustand IMO bar none. I have tried all the rest and these are the best. I don't care to debate on Griggs, MM, or Joe blow's. or who is better. I am only sharing my own experiences. I see where guys are dissatisfied with everyones product here and there...(Griggs, MM included).

This product is nothing short of fantastic and I will only have Hans subs on my mustangs from here on out. They not only make the best subs on the market IMO but they were the FIRST one to make them to clear side exhaust. Nobody else does.

Can't wait to see what else Hans is coming up with.

Here are some pics for anyone interested and AGAIN the car is Safely up in the air.

Shawn Ellis/ Tuner SoCal Diablo
1998 Ford Mustang Roush