I am a proud owner of a 1998 Mustang Cobra. I have taken a methodical approach to horsepower production/increase to fill me need/desire for acceleration and performance. My vehicle is a high horsepower street machine but it will morph to a drag, minimal street competition vehicle. At its current state, my vehicle puts down 560rwhp and 490 rwtq. My plans are for 1000+RWHP and 1000+RWTQ. I chose to accessorize my cobra with Häns Racecraft subframes to add to the structural integrity of a very weak factory design when subjected to these power levels. Upon receiving my subframes I noticed the high quality powder coated finish and finely welded seams. They came with all of the hardware and easy to follow instructions to allow a trouble free installation at my local muffler shop. My installer had no trouble mocking up the product to my vehicle and began installation within little time after reading the instructions and placing them in position. As soon as I drove off the parking lot I felt the difference right away. The car was more stable over uneven road conditions and the car felt more solid. It was as if the car was now one solid piece of metal. Some of the vibrations that are present in the rear trunk area disappeared. I am now able to jack up the car without fear of bending the frame because of the integral jacking rails. It has made this task less problematic.

I will without question support this product and I recommend that anyone who is a serious enthusiast when it comes to road racing, auto crossing, or drag racing that they install this well engineered product…

Omar Madrigal
1998 Ford Cobra