Finally a sub-frame set up that is properly engineered, and built to last, not only are the products well made, they are absolutely beautiful. It's a shame that they have to be put on the bottom of the car, They belong in a Jewelry shop show case. I really get a kick out of watching the guys at the shop put my car up on the lift, to change the oil, and watching them do a "double take" at the fully powder coated "Hans Racecraft sub-frame connectors" while they are saying "WHOA, WHERE DID YOU GET THESE!"

Handling performance increase is immediately noticeable as soon as the "SUB'S" are welded in, and you leave the driveway. The car feels like a complete new sports suspension package has been added, Launches are much straighter, as well as a gigantic boost in cornering confidence (the car now feels like it can out handle a Porsche).

The Hans Racecraft Titanium Steering Rack Bushings complete the package, for a lightning quick steering response that will tame any challenging road conditions that are thrown at you (like that sharp unexpected hair pin turn as you exit the freeway). I also put in the Hans Racecraft custom floor mats that add an "eye-catching bling" to the interior every time someone gets into my car.

Another very useful innovation are the "Jacking Rails" that are an integrated part of the sub-frame connection assembly. This eliminates that annoying hunting for the "RIGHT SPOT" on the car. You just stick the floor jack under the car right along any area of the "Jacking Rail", and the car goes right up in only a few seconds, set up the jack stands, and you now have a safe/stable platform to perform any maintenance necessary without that "I hope I'm in the right spot nervous sinking feeling" as you get under the car to work. This clearly displays the intense research and development type of thinking that is "outside of the box."

Matt W.
1994 Mustang Ford Mustang GT