My name is Mark Skorka and my car is the ESSEX ANGEL, an 2000 V6 convertible. Shortly after getting my car, I had started to formulate a plan as to how to go about modding it effectively. I realized that the only way to get true power out of a V6 was to increase displacement, use forged components and forced induction.

Before I began that daunting task I knew that I needed to upgrade many components on my vehicle. After the usual bolt on mods and cosmetics I knew that I had to tackle the suspension of this car that I love, but that had major issues when it comes to twisting, flexing and the like.

I knew at the beginning of my modding that although it would take more time, and definitely more money, I wanted to use only the highest quality components and rest easy knowing that I did not cut corners. This is where the Hans Racecraft Full Length Subframes came in.

The HR subframes were my first notable upgrade when it came to suspension and I was skeptical at first as to how much of a difference they would really make. I took them to Precision Fabrication to get installed, which went quite easily. Fitment was not even an issue.

When my stock bolt-on subframes came off and I just saw the stock and HR subframes right next to each other, I couldn't believe it. The stock ones looked pathetic and useless in comparison. After the install I walked under the raised car and checked out these new HR subframes. I could hardly wait to drive her. The first thing I noticed (and please do not laugh) was when I just opened the door and sat in the car, I swear the whole car felt stiffer!

Then I took her out for a jaunt around the neighborhood, and my jaw was on the floorboard.

Of all the modifications I had done, nothing equaled in immediate payoff as much as the Hans Racecraft FL SFC's. It tightened the whole ride up, finally allowing the suspension to actually work without the help of what I like to call "the fifth shock absorber," the chassis of the car.

I am ecstatic about this product, and would recommend it highly to any mustang owner, and for all the verts out there, there is no excuse, and no regret when it comes to these subframes.

Get em, install em, and enjoy your new car!

Mark Skorka
2000 Ford Mustang V6