As a real enthusiast on hard corning, open track racing and auto cross racing, I was really concerned on how my 2001 mustang cobra was taking some high speed curves and sharp corners. I was looking around for the perfect suspension parts to help me in my quest to figure out how to solve my issues. I was told to try out the Häns Racecraft Subframe connectors. After the installation, I felt the different just by driving the car out of the shop. The car felt a tremendous difference in stiffness throughout the car. After driving around town for a little bit, the difference really hit me, but not until I was speeding down high-speed curves. On average without the Häns Racecraft subframes, I would usually do a high-speed curve at roughly 80-90mph, and feeling a little unsafe. After the install, I took the car to same place where I was pushing 110mph, and felt planted to the ground, and still has plenty of gas and courage to go.

As many people know, I do race my car, and race with great intensity. As 2003 NASA AutoX ESP Champion, I can highly say that the Häns Racecraft subframe connectors are the very best that I have seen, used and won races with. The Häns Racecraft isn’t just about making a good product, but making a great product with great design, fabrication, delivery method and quality. If anyone knows anything about auto cross racing, it really isn’t about how much horsepower you have, but what suspension parts you race with and who drives the car. I can surely say that I am not the best driver around, but I can say that the Häns Racecraft subframe connectors bring me to the finish line first.

The quality of the design is extreme superior compared to every single other subframe manufacturer for the ford mustang. Many of them look like pain ol scrap metal that they just picked out of a pile and sold them to regular mustang owners that didn’t know what quality was really out there for them to see. These subframes are worth every single penny in my book, and I highly recommend them for any racer out there, especially those that open track race and auto cross. It is a suspension mod that makes a nigh and day difference, and no one should be without.

Sincerely yours,

Marek Piecyk
2001 Mustang Cobra Coupe
2003 NASA AutoX ESP Champion