I own a 1998 Ford Mustang, it’s a v6 with a cold air induction and dual exhaust system. I purchased the Häns Racecraft full-length sub-frames. I own a convertible and had a good amount of flex; I wanted to stiffen up the chassis so I purchased Häns ‘Force’ sub-frames.

When the sub-frames where installed and drove the car I noticed immediately the response I got in cornering and handling. Before, going over speed bumps I heard a lot of flexing from the body and now I don’t hear any flexing noises. A few months back I got rear-ended, I was at a stop and the other person was doing about10-15 mpg. And all that happened was damage to the rear bumper and exhaust. The body of the car held up so well I myself could not believe it. Just on the fact of the rear end collision I would highly recommend sub-frames, and it’s just amazing how the car held up. As a convertible owner I believe I have extended the life of my car tremendously with just the added addition of these sub-frames. Also I had flat and used my factory stock jack, I lifted the car using the sub-frames instead of the factory locations and it made changing the tire easier ordeal.

In conclusion, I see nothing but good positive things to say about Häns Racecraft’s sub-frames and would highly recommend to anyone that wants to extended their cars' life.

Jerry Hrncir
1998 Ford Mustang V6 Convertible