First, let me give you a little background about me and my car. I bought my car brand new with only 11 miles on in January of 1998. After about a year I did the prerequisite lowering springs and some stiffer shocks and struts that everyone that wants their mustang to look good and handle better does. And for along time that was it as far as suspension and handling modifications go. Since I first got my car I have managed to put over 170,000 miles on it personally in 6 years. Needless to say, I know every single nuance of my car. How fast I can take a turn without screeching, how hard I can take a speed bump without grinding, even exactly how much the car will pitch in hard acceleration and braking.

So I finally decided to further improve my suspension. I happy to say I made the best choice I could. I choose to go with the Häns Racecraft rear shock tower brace, “Force” sub-frame connectors and steering rack bushing. I don’t know my car anymore! This is a great thing! I never thought my car could handle so great. With every passing day I am learning new limits to how hard I can push my car. Every time I go to the track, I establish new personal best times (auto-X). I find that the benefits easily cross the borders of track use to every day use. Need to make that fast turn to avoid a red light? Not even an issue. Some careless dolt cuts you off and hits her brakes? I am confident that I have a few feet less of braking distance.

Aside from performance, these pieces look damn good. I am not scared to pop my trunk and have this ugly bar sitting across. Instead there is a beautifully black powder coated piece of equipment that looks like it came that way from the factory if not for the “HÄNS Racecraft” sticker I put on it. The only downside is that I wish I had more reason to jack up the car to show the bottom off so everyone could get a good look at the sub-frame connectors.

When its time for the roll cage (and any other suspension mod I decide to go with), Häns Racecraft is what I know I will be going with. There is absolutely nothing that makes me feel safer and ensures me that I have the optimal performance edge.

Ford Mustang 1998 GT