I am the proud owner of a 1998 Ford Mustang GT with 281ci motor, C&L Mass Air Meter , Eibach Pro-Kit Springs , Magnaflow Exhaust , MAC U/D Pullies, Strut Tower Brace , Häns Racecraft Subframe Connectors, all set up for drag racing at Qualcom.

I chose Häns Subframe connectors mainly because of the quality of design and reputation. The product fit perfectly with absolutely NO modifications, fitting or instruction.

The car is 100% easier to jack up – The jack rails are marvelous and afford no interference with the chassis. The ride is firmer and the car has an exceptional uni-body feel with the parts I purchased. Chassis flex is noticeably reduced and my torque numbers rose due to that.

Excellent product but what made my experience unique is the customer service aspect of the company. So few enterprises afford their customers with real time – real life experience – help and assistance from start to finish. The employees of Häns Racecraft were both professional, helpful and informed about not only their product but automotive tech. in general. I would never hesitate to buy or converse with this company at any level in the future.

Hussain Mahrous
1998 Ford Mustang GT