Ya know, I’m a very skeptical individual when it comes to what type of components that are placed on my vehicle. Being a mechanical engineer for Snap-On ®, I've always looked at materials and design when deciding on which product would suit my needs. I’ve tried so many different type of chassis components, not only on my current mustang but the previous one's as well, and I have to say that the Hans Racecraft products are #1. Not only are their products a reflection of what their company is all about, but the customer service is just out of this world.

I have the Hans Racecraft chromoly roll cage, chromoly force sub frames, rear shock tower brace and the titanium bushings on my 1998 Cobra, and I’m 200% pleased with the fitment, appearance and the functionality of the Hans Racecraft products. I so much look forward to future new components from the Hans Racecraft team for my stang. You guys are #1 and have a customer for life…Duane Vallejos

Duane Vallejos
1998 Ford Mustang Cobra