Late February 2004 I had the pleasure to meet Hans from Häns Racecraft at a SoCal Diablo Dyno Day Shootout. Needless to say I was impressed by the Sub Frame Connectors (SFC). Häns Racecraft SFC’s are without a doubt the highest quality, precision engineered work of art available to the open market. I've tried all of the others including Kenny Brown, Maximum Motorsports and even MAC and I am at a loss of words to fully express my total satisfaction with these Hans SFC's. I know words don't tell the entire story, so anyone in/around the SoCal area (I reside near Temecula in Southern Riverside County) I am offering up a test drive on one of my favorite roads in all of SoCal...the Ortega Hwy just to prove how great the SFC's are. You can feel how my ‘04 Cobra Vert just hugs the road in and out of each turn throughout the Hwy run. I've even been able to up my record speed around the 30 MPH curves to well over 80 and still climbing! If you want the best quality, industry highest standards and just a GREAT product...look into Hans Racecraft Performance SFC and all the rest of their products for the Ford Mustang. You will not be disappointed!!!

Doug "E. Fresh" Weigand
2004 Mystichrome Cobra Vert 505 SAE RWHP/489 TQ
1996 Mustang GT Vert 500 SAE RWHP/499 TQ