I own a 2004 Dark Shadow Gray Mustang GT Vert that I got for myself after Operation Iraqi Freedom 1. MAC cold air intake, Eibach Sportline Springs, Magnaflow X-Pipe with Manganpack Catbacks, Y2K Cobra R wheels, FRPP 3.73 ratio gears and everything Billet you can imagine including painted interior along side my CDC lightbar, speedster tops and PMP vertical doors.

A little show with my go so to speak but you can’t have the "show" OR "go" without the structural integrity which is where Häns Racecraft came in and saved me.

Though I am not completely stock suspension wise, I still had a little bit of roll even after my full length subframe connectors. I got a Häns Racecraft Rear Shock Tower Brace not long after returning from Operation Iraqi Freedom 2 (2nd tour) and immediately noticed the difference. Everything is so much tighter, especially in turns.

Being that I am very weird about what I put into my car, I look at everything closely before hand and was impressed with the quality and even the appearance of this product. I mean, a lot of big brand names that have been around for ages have products that are just plain looking, like parts that arent seen which makes since I suppose. Kind of like the behind the scenes type stuff but even the most hidden of parts by Häns Racecraft are easy on the eyes and well crafted. The time spent in making each individual performance part is extremely apparent when looking at the
rear shock tower brace and I am very happy with my experience and new modd that has tightened her up and improved my cornering.

Being in the Marine Corps for over 11 years with 3 combat tours in the fight against terrorism, I like to think I know what tough is and trust me when I say, Häns Racecraft products are tough.

Dave aka TRIGGER
2004 40th Anniversary Edition Mustang GT Vert