All my life I have been driving mustangs, from my Grandfathers ‘65 to my current 2002 Mustang GT. With my current modifications I needed something that would properly transfer power to my rear tires and help me control it while I am on the street, drag strip, or autocross track.

Häns Racecraft products surpassed all my need plus I had the extra assurance that I have the best hardware in the industry. Not only were the subframe connectors stiffer than my previous set of a different brand, but they were also lighter. The material was prepped and coated which would guarantee not to rust. The subframes combined with the Häns Rear Shock Tower Brace gave me a very solid ride and full control on a tight radius turns, along with keeping me fully planted on the straight away and those long sweepers.

These products are in my opinion the best on the market. I would definitely recommend any one from enthusiast to professional with full confidence that they will Never Go Back!!!

David Serrano
2002 Ford Mustang GT