I love my Mustang, but we all know how the stock Mustang chassis is about as rigid as wet paper. Well since the Mach1 has stock subframes (yes they're bolt on, yes they're crap) I decided on a rear shock tower bar. I looked at Kenny Brown, but I didn't like the fact that it bolted on to the shocks... Didn't seem strong.

I saw the Häns Force Rear Shock Tower Brace and knew I had to have it. I had it welded on with in a few days of ordering it, and haven't regretted it once. Before when I took a hard corner, just out swinging the tires, I could hear the rear end creaking, and it felt soft. Now I don't hear a thing, and the car feels solid. Another thing I love, is the fact that even with a 2" diameter, it takes up almost zero trunk space! I just ordered a set of Häns Force subframes also. The big boys, not the Ultralights, and can't wait to have 'em installed!

Chris Bowers
2003 Ford Mustang Mach 1