I own a 2003 SVT 10th Anniversary Cobra Convertible 4V with Eaton Generation IV Roots-type supercharger with water-to-air intercooler.

I purchased Häns Racecraft full length sub frame connectors for my convertible and was impressed the moment I unpacked them. The construction and finish was equal to the finest automotive accessory. It was difficult to believe they would be out of sight beneath the car!

Arrangements were made with a local welder, who without seeing the Häns Racecraft sub frame connectors was skeptical about their fit. The welder was quickly impressed with the product. Installation of the sub frame connections took about 6 hours which included covering the welds with paint and attaching the lower rocker moldings. The welder commented on detailed, easy to follow installation instructions. He liked the floating brackets, which made the welding simpler.

The ride and handling difference in the Cobra was like night and day. It was like I was driving a completely different car! The same comments came from passengers as well as friends who have driven the Cobra before and after the installation of the Häns Racecraft sub frame connectors. The jacking rails are a great functional touch. Changing over to my drag radials is a snap!

From order to installation, in less than three weeks I had a car with a stiffer, solid feeling chassis that feels more secure on the straightaway and give me more control through the curves.

Al Cogossi
2003 SVT 10th Anniversary Cobra Convertible 4V Dyno tested at 441.1 RWH, 456.8 RWT