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Being in the Marine Corps for over 11 years with 3 combat tours in the fight
against terrorism, I like to think I know what tough is and trust me when I say, Häns Racecraft Products are tough...>>> more

SSGT David W. Smith
United States Marine Corps
2004 40th Anniversary Edition Mustang GT Vert


I love my Mustang, but we all know how the stock Mustang chassis is about as rigid as wet paper. I decided on a rear shock tower bar...it takes up almost zero trunk space! I just ordered a set of Häns 'Force' subframes also...>>> more

Chris Bowers
2003 Ford Mustang Mach 1

I really get a kick out of watching the guys at the shop put my car up on the lift and watching them do a "double take" at the fully coated Hans Racecraft sub-frame connectors while they are saying "Whoa, where did you get these?!" >>> more

Matt W.
1994 Ford Mustang GT


This product just continues to profess the amazing quality of the Hans Racecraft line. I am a customer and will continue to be for many more cars and trucks to come...>>> more

Jay DeGrado
2001 Ford SVT Lightning


Being a mechanical engineer for Snap-On ® I've always looked at materials and design when deciding on which product would suit my needs. You guys are #1 and have a customer for life...>>> more

Duane Vallejos
1998 Ford Mustang Cobra


I am ecstatic about this product, and would recommend it highly to any Mustang owner, and for all the verts out there, there is no excuse, and no regret when it comes to these subframes.Get em, install em, and enjoy your new car!...>>> more

Mark Skorka
2000 Ford Mustang Essex Angel V6


When I was approached sometime ago by someone who described these "Häns subframes" as a kick *** unit I was like....yeah...right...Then when I saw them and how they were constructed I was impressed... >>> more

Shawn Ellis
1998 Ford Mustang Roush

As 2003 NASA AutoX ESP Champion, I can highly say that the Häns Racecraft subframe connectors are the very best that I have seen, used and won races with... >>> more

Marek Piecyk
2001 Ford Mustang Cobra

I am a proud owner of a 1998 Mustang Cobra. I have taken a methodical approach to horsepower production/increase to fill to fill my need/desire for acceleration and performance... >>> more

Omar Madrigal
1998 Ford Mustang Cobra

As a convertible owner I believe I have extended the life of my car tremendously with just the added addition of these sub-frames. A few months back I got rear-ended... >>> more

Jerry Hrncir
1998 Ford Mustang V6 Vert

So I finally decided to further improve my suspension...I choose to go with Häns Racecraft...I don’t know my car anymore! I never thought my car could handle so great... >>> more

Jayan Kavia
1998 Ford Mustang GT

Excellent product but what made my experience unique is the customer service aspect of the company. So few enterprises afford their customers with real time – real life experience... >>> more

Hussain Mahrous
1998 Ford Mustang GT

You can feel how my '04 Cobra vert just hugs the road in and out of each turn throughout the highway run. I've even been able to up my record speed around the 30 MPH curves to well over 80 and still climbing!... >>> more

Doug "E. Fresh" Weigand
2004 Mystichrome Cobra Vert

Arrangements were made with a local welder, who without seeing the Häns Racecraft sub frame connectors was skeptical about their fit. The welder was quickly impressed with the product... >>> more

Al Cogossi
2003 SVT 10th Anniversary Cobra Vert

These products are in my opinion the best on the market. I would definitely recommend any one from enthusiast to professional with full confidence that they will Never Go Back!!!...>>> more

David Serrano
2002 Ford Mustang GT

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