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The object is delivering a level of driver confidence that sets a global benchmark in chassis capability.

Our products begin around one central vision: pure function.

We issue an invitation to explore how three important elements--gestalt, simplicity and synergy—are defining new heights in racecar performance engineering.

• Gestalt-The true value of our technology is shaped by considering the whole or in German the gestalt: understanding that a group of individual parts can never function as best as those products that accomplish structural unity.

This feature is key to advancing our technology. Häns’ designers and engineers employ 3-D modeling software to transform concepts into reality. The computer-aided methods simultaneously achieve two main objectives--structural optimization and mechanical connection of our ‘Force System’ components.

Structural optimization depends on the laws of geometric triangulation. Instrumental to constructing a rigid, high strength-to-weight ratio chassis support, Häns products fully exploit triangulation.

Individually our products are an expression of Häns excellence and a stunning feat of technological innovation. When mechanically connected with secondary Häns product, they form an incredibly robust whole, otherwise known as a system or our ‘Force System.’ Gestalt is realized with the union of a primary ‘Force System’ component into a secondary ‘Force System’ component, creating multiple planes of triangulation.

This multiple-plane integration is unique to the Häns product pipeline and indispensable for chassis rigidity, on-demand precision handling and increased acceleration.

Our platform of gestalt is principle to impacting the world of racing.

• Simplicity-A unique relationship exists between simplicity and innovation. It embraces the tension between absolute technical precision and aesthetic vision. It is shaped through the imagination of designers and engineers.

Simplicity means seamlessly transferring from the track to the road, despite a race-bred design. And to our clients, simplicity translates into cost effectiveness and quality assurance. A one-time investment will furnish a product built to perform even in the most demanding situations, built as an expression of the owner’s passion and loves.

• “Syn·er·gy (sin er je) n., 1. The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.”

Our products reflect the power of an idea: the development of new systems, a series of independent components functioning as a whole, creating synergy. Synergy in its purest form means exceeding limitations.

At Häns system integration remains absolutely essential and is treated like a lost art. Synergy cannot exist without system integration.

In tandem with our meticulous finish--a blend of beauty, soul and refinement—our clients embrace a product that is unmistakably Häns.


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