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The pinnacle of performance, that is the assertion made of Häns Racecraft by our clients and the public. At Häns, we define success as something other than performance in the marketplace. And to our clients, Häns’ success takes many forms.

“As a mechanical engineer, upon examining my 'Force' Subframes, I realized the sheer ingenuity of combining multiple triangulation with the low profile round tube...”
-Jason McGraw

Perfecting the use of geometry, premium raw materials, state-of-the art tools defines our success for some. Häns' traditions demand the highest standards of quality control and critical assessments of our production methods to ensure that our techniques remain cutting edge. For the Company, such practices are essential to the success of our business endeavors. The Company will not accept anything less.

“As 2003 NASA AutoX ESP Champion, I can highly say that the Häns Racecraft subframe connectors are the very best that I have seen, used and won races with...”
-Marek Piecyk

Winning races defines our success for others. For those who only accept the finest hardware, for those who demand the greatest return on their investment, for those who must see the checkered flag first, they rely upon Häns Racecraft’s innovation.

“Häns Racecraft products surpassed all my needs plus I had the extra assurance that I have the best hardware in the industry…”
-David Serrano

Exceeding our client’s expectations is the measure of success at Häns Racecraft.



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